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Super-Set Hand-held Circular Saw (11369)

Super-Set Hand-held Circular Saw



Included in the package:

  • 1x High-performance diamond blade 150x22,2 mm for hand-held circular saws

  • 1x Multi-carbide saw blade 160mm x 20mm for hand-held circular saws

  • Reducing adapter ring of 22.2 / 20mm

  • Reducing adapter ring of 22.2 / 16mm

  • Reducing adapter ring of 20.0 / 16mm

22€ Savings compared to individual purchase!
Perfect cuts with your hand-held circular saw in all materials. The Kaindl Super-Set Hand-held Circular Saw is a high-performance diamond cutting disc 150mm x 22.2mm, suitable for hand-held circular saws and angle grinders and a carbide-tipped multi-saw blade 160mm x 20mm for the hand-held circular saw. The high-performance diamond blade combines the advantages of a high-quality diamond blade with the advantages of a hand-held circular saw. Thus, precision cuts can be achieved which are normally unimaginable when using an angle grinder. Ideal for precise trimming, for plunging and accurate slit grooving. Even accurate miter cuts in concrete, marble or granite are no problem Reducing adapter rings of 22.2 / 20mm and 22.2 / 16mm are supplied with the circular saw blade. Carbide Multi saw blade 160mm x 120mm The proven KAINDL multi-blade for versatile use. Equipped with 40 high-impact-resistant carbide teeth cuts easily through sheets, strips, tubes or profiles made of wood, laminate, plastic, acrylic glass, composites, nonferrous metal, aluminum and even iron and steel. Ideally suited for use in assembly, construction and renovation. Clean cut due to the high number of teeth. Due to the supplied reduction ring it also fits all table saws which have a 16mm collet.