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Special offer set "Grinding"
Special offer set "Grinding"
ZR Sio4 - High performance grinding disc Ø86mm
FlexoFix Sander Ø125mm
Rubber sander plate Ø115 / 125mm
Hook & loop high performance discs Ø125mm
Hook & loop high performance discs Ø115mm
Hook & loop high performance discs Ø75mm
Polishing cap
Grinding Fleece Ø115 / 125mm
Hand Sander
Hook & loop high performance discs Ø125mm
Hook & loop high performance discs Ø115mm
Eccentric - 150mm sanding discs, perforated
Sanding strips for trowel
Sanding strip for Drum-Sander (1000 mm)
Delta Sander Paper, perforated
Emery Sticks Hobby-Kit

Grinding from the uni-grinder to the diamond visual grinding disk


innovative grinding solutions over 4 decades. Whether for power or manual grinding - at Kaindl you will find smart devices that make your job easier. For example: Surface grinding with a hand drill and the Kaindl Flexoplan-pad. Kaindl abrasive material is characterized by high quality and long life.


Grinding – Hand Drill


The ideal basic equipment for surface grinding and tool sharpening: With the Kaindl Action Set you are well prepared for “Grinding”.


Grinding – Angle Grinder


The Kaindl Rubber sanding disc, you can use it on both an angle grinder as well as on a hand drill. Thanks to M 14 chuck and an additional mandrel M14 / 8 mm, depending on the application you can select the appropriate machine. The grinding discs have a high quality Velcro system that provides a durable and reliable adhesion of the disc.


Grinding – Delta Sander


Kaindl sanding discs can be universally applied to almost all materials. This means: one product - many uses. The use of the hardest abrasive - depending on the silicon carbide grain size, zircon, and corundum – provides for a much longer service life.


Grinding – Orbital Sander


Kaindl sanding discs combine excellent grinding performance, high cutting rate and extreme durability. Grinding Active Ingredients in the bond delay clogging of the disks and at the same time provide a cooling effect. The abrasive material can therefore be used much longer and more effectively.