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KAINDL INSUCUT® Knife for insulating material

Multi Saw Set for angle grinders
KAINDL Multi Saw set " TOPCUT " Ø 120 + Ø 160 mm

Combined special Offer Multi Saw
PCD saw blades

Multi-function saw blades XTR 2.0 120-300mm
Super-Set Hand-held Circular Saw
Spacer rings for sawblades



High-quality universal saw blades are available for either angle grinders or circular saws. Thanks to special carbide tipping they cut sheets, strips, tubes, or profiles made of various materials. They range from timber, wood and composite materials, laminates, plastics, non-ferrous metals to iron and steel. Kaindl Multi saw blade - the ideal tool for installation, construction and renovation.


Saws – Circular Saws


Kaindl Multi saw blades for circular saws are available from 130 - 300 mm diameter in increments of 10 mm. Whether cut off saw, hand or table saw blades - Kaindl saw blades offer the solution when working with different materials. Info: Kaindl Super Set: combines the capabilities of the circular hand saw with the advantages of a diamond cutting disc.


Saws Angle Grinder


The angle grinder used as a saw. Get the most out of your machine and also cut materials that cannot be cut with cutting wheels. The Kaindl Multi saw blade for angle grinders ensures a clean cut in wood, plastic etc.