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  • For more than 40 years, we have been providing technical grinding solutions for industry home- and handicraft. Innovative products of our own manufacture, made the name Kaindl a well known international brand name. Today, our range of products extend from an ordinary emery file up to a fully automatic NC-controlled saw blade sharpening machine. In general our product range is composed of Machinery and innovative Tools.

    Kaindl machines comprises a numerous range of drill-bit grinding machines for various applications in metal and wood. Saw Blade Grinder (SSG 600 manual, SSG 600 automatic, SSM-NCT), TIG Electrode Grinder (WIG 4), Diamond Visual Grinder (SM 180), Circular Knife Grinder (RMS automatic, RMS manual), planar knife grinder, as well as special Grinding & Sharpening Machines complement our program.

    Kaindl tools comprises a numerous range of grinding tools and accessories for diverse applications and materials. Today we are selling our DIY Tools - Flexo Fix Sander, Diamond transparent disc, Multi purpose saw blades, Drill clamps, Drain cleaner, etc. - Available worldwide at Exhibitions, DIY superstores and through Home shopping TV.

    Beside our traditional Tools we are permanently involved in product innovation and novelty in other fields, for example: kristallfrost.com.