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In this section you can find further universal grinding machines which are not limited to one application.


For example, the diamond-grinding machine SM 180 is at home in a variety of applications. The original design of this machine is the manual sharpening of cutting tools which are primarily found in the wood industry. These include chisels, carving knives, turning chisels, carbide wood cutters, Forstner bits, planer knives, and more. In addition, the use of the diamond visual grinding machine has expanded to the sector of the stone processing industry. Here the SM 180 grinds HM stone drills in addition to the so-called stone chisel (with carbide-tip), which can easily be sharpened.


Recently, the machine is also being used for regrinding of asparagus cutting knives. Here, the visual grinding machine combines easy operation with long life. The grinding of asparagus knives is done, contrary to conventional methods, without any annealing of the cutting surfaces. The machines SZ and SZ 600 grind, for example, drills, cutting tools of the wood and metal industry, punches, planer knives, chipper knives and much, much more.


If in doubt, ask us whether we have the right grinding solution for your tool. We look forward to your request.