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Saw Blades


The Kaindl saw blade grinding machines for grinding and sharpening of carbide saw blades.


The Kaindl saw blade grinding machine SSG 600 is fitted with a linear blade feed. The feed of the grinding wheel towards the saw tooth is done by hand. This sharpening of the tooth and the tooth back for blades with a diameter of 100-600mm is possible. The basic version consists of SSG 600 manual for use on a bench, with a corundum and a diamond grinding wheel as well as spacers.


The SSG 600-A DC is a semi-automatic saw blade grinding machine with electro-pneumatic digital control. The settings are made via an easy-to-use digital control on the display.


Via the intuitive control panel the number of teeth of the saw blade, the alternating tooth advance as well as the grinding and transport transit time can be set. The machine grinds blades ranging from 100-600mm The fully equipped version of the saw blade grinding machine SSG 600-A DC comes with a machine stand, diamond grinding wheel, corundum grinding wheel, tool kit, air maintenance unit, set of reduction rings, two blade clamps and two grinding wheel holders.


The Kaindl SSM-NCT-saw blade grinding machine is the new, fully automated solution for sharpening high quality carbide saw blades with diameters ranging from 100mm - 560mm. The grinding machine has 6 NC-axis and is programmed using an intuitive touch-screen control panel. The symbol assisted menu navigation allows you to adjust the grinding parameters without special programming knowledge. Herewith, the size of the saw blade, tooth shape, the number of teeth and the various grinding angles are set.


Incorrect entries are prevented by an intelligent input logic. Once programmed and saved to the library, the settings can be reused when grinding the same blade at the touch of a button. The fully automatic SSM-NCT is delivered complete with diamond wheel, touch screen control, cooling equipment and spacer rings for different saw blade bores.