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Round Knife


The Kaindl round knife blade grinders are available in two different versions RMS Manual and RMS Automatic. Both machines are powered by a 230V electric motor and a boron nitride disk which is mounted to the shaft sharpens the circular knife blade.


When sharpening round knives, the RMS automatic round knife sharpener works completely independently. Only the angle setting and probing the circular blade is done by the operator. The actual grinding process is fully automated. To meet the individual needs of each individual circular blade, abrasion rate, feed steps, grinding periods, rotational speed and spark-out can be appropriately programmed.


The Kaindl circular blade grinders RMS automatic and RMS manual, provide a blade size range of 100-350mm and are supplied complete with machine frame, cooling pump and reduction rings.


Both RMS versions are suitable for grinding circular knives, ring knives, blade cutter, paper cutting knives or slicer- cutter knives.


For other special forms of cutting or shearing blades, we will gladly check for you on request.